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Dorovic Soap


Proudly dedicated to providing natural, nourishing soap bars. Each and every Dorović product carries its own unique story, being carefully selected from the finest natural ingredients and hand-crafted in the heart of Norfolk. Our cold-processed soap method allows us to retain all of the therapeutic benefits of our ingredients, resulting in a soap that is not only gentle on your skin but also offers a range of skin-loving benefits.

Natural soaps and scrubs

We believe what we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put in.

‘Love this soap - very zingy and fresh, exfoliating - the scent isn’t overly minty or eucalyptus-y, it just smells FRESH. Very  good ‘unisex’ soap. It also doesn’t dry skin out at all. All the Dorović soaps I’ve tried have been great it this respect..’ 

Kate Braxton

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