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5 Reasons you should switch to bars of soap

Updated: Apr 20

Bars of soap are undergoing a revolution! It's now becoming cool to use that humble bar of soap again. Here are my 5 reasons why.

Bars of soap are having their moment in the spotlight. With some beauty editors giving up their entire shower routine for one bar of soap. You don’t have to go that extreme… If you’re looking to add a bar or two to your routine, then read on!

1. You are one step closer to saving the planet

Switching to a bar of soap is the easiest way you can positively affect your footprint by reducing excessive chemicals, additives, and plastics.

I myself have switched from using shower gel to bars of soap throughout my routine. There are countless reasons as to why but the bigger by far is how eco friendly they are. Not to mention the packaging from a bar of soap is 100% recyclable with zero plastic waste. I’m trying to significantly decrease my plastic usage because this planet is a hot mess. I am trying to do my small part to saving it, so I made an easy quick switch to using bars.

The vast majority of soap bars are packaged in cardboard boxes or have no packaging at all. That’s one less worry not having to think about packaging ending up in landfills with all of your plastic shower gel containers. Here comes an interesting fact from Dotty… Did you know, studies have shown that just manufacturing liquid soap in general leaves a 35% higher carbon footprint than a bar of soap. BOOOO! You can do your part for saving the planet by doing a simple switch from shower gel to bars of soap.

2. Safer and non toxic ingredients

Liquid soaps and shower gels need more water to be made and more water needs preservatives. A bar of soap is hard and the water evaporates when the bar hardens therefore not needing any preservatives at all. Chemical preservatives are often ingredients that we have to pay special attention to most. If you think about it, preservatives are there to keep the product fresh and to fend off bacteria. That’s why preservatives are very unhealthy for us - they have to be harsh enough to kill off bacteria within shower gels and liquid soap. Bars of soap don’t need preservatives making them a better fit for our skin barrier.

Now, I’m not telling you to go and buy any bar of soap! A quick walk down the soap aisle will have your nose yelling ‘FRAGRANCE’! UGH, all the chemicals in non natural soap bars… You still have to read the labels and opt for a natural bar with zero chemical.

3. Less ingredients

Good news! In general, bars of soap have less ingredients than gel and liquid formulas. People find they have less flare ups of Eczema and irritations to the skin when using bars of soap. Of course, this depends on formulation but if there are less ingredients including chemical ingredients, there are less reactives.

If you’re looking to cut corners in your skincare routine without sacrificing on cleanliness and moisture, give body bar soap a go!

4. Bars of soap last longer

I find myself not having to go to the shops and buy more shower products as often as I did when I use to use shower gel and storing replacements isn’t as much of a space stealer! Bars of soap last 3 times longer than a bottle of shower gel. You definitely get your moneys worth.

5. Bad & Bougie

If you want to be that friend who gives very bougie presents to your friends, buy them a bar of soap. Trust me. A luxurious natural bar like the ones from DOROVIĆ. It’ll look great sitting on the bathroom counter, and the empty box doubles as a clothing freshener. I stick my old boxes in my sock drawer, which makes everything smell so good. There is almost nothing better than lathering up a bar of soap and it smells deeeevine. NOTHING. A perfect stocking filler too!

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