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Handcrafted, premium shower essentials

   Meet Dorota Nanević, Dorović founder   

Dorota Nanevic

"Passionate about natural skincare and plant based ingredients, I started my soap making journey at the age of 13. After countless batches and years of product research and development, the idea for Dorović was conceived.
I firmly believe in the benefits of using what nature has blessed us with. Each and every product carries its own unique story, being carefully formulated with only the best natural ingredients for their ability to protect, balance and nourish your skin without disturbing your natural skin barrier. What we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put in. By reducing the chemicals we absorb on a daily basis we can make long term benefits to our overall health & wellbeing. 
We make everything here in the heart of Norfolk. All products are plastic free and eco friendly, we are doing all that we can to create a better environment for future generations."

Our Promise

All our products are ethically sourced, not tested on animals and only the finest natural ingredients are used. No palm oil, harsh chemicals, or artificial colours. 100% natural essential oils used to boost your wellbeing.

Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap
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