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This tough soap bar doesn’t mess around. Armed with poppyseeds and activated charcoal for an unstoppable exfoliating experience. It's designed to leave your skin refreshingly clean and invigorated. With moisturizing Hemp oil at its core, it strikes the perfect balance between tough scrubbing action and skin-nourishing care. Elevate your shower routine with this powerhouse bar, because when it comes to scrubbing, it means business.


3 Key Ingredients



With its skilful ability to absorb excess sebum and impurities deep within the skin, this powerhouse ingredient leaves your complexion detoxified and rejuvenated. Discover the magic of natural purification for a fresh and revitalized glow.



This botanical powerhouse restores the skin barrier, ensuring optimal moisture retention. The outcome is visibly healthy, hydrated, and supple skin that exudes vitality. Experience the transformative benefits of Hemp Oil for a radiant and revitalized complexion.



This botanical wonder aids in trapping water within the skin, preventing and relieving dryness, flaking, and irritation. Unleash the revitalizing power of Eucalyptus Oil for skin that feels replenished and resilient.

Hemp & Charcoal Scrub

  • Dive into the rejuvenating fusion of classic Rosemary, fresh Eucalyptus, and the spicy allure of Tea Tree. This herbal symphony brings a refreshing and invigorating harmony to your senses, transforming each use into a delightful aromatic experience.

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